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Monday, February 25, 2019

Life | Freedom from Time and Money

Life Freedom from Time and Money

Freedom Life
Freedom Life

Life freedom from time and money,
that is Life.
Life mean ocean of good bad,
laughing crying journey.
Life mean pain of love,
from known and unknown matter.
Life mean desire and get,
naughtiness sweet few touch.
Life mean love,
and search it from the bottom of heart.

Life mean hope,
but sometime desperation.
Life mean want bit by bit,
but not too much after giving.
Life mean freedom
and live with freedom.
Life mean shadow of memories
and attached with them.
Life mean sorrows and pleasures,
and both are unstable.

Life mean colour of Rainbow,
born, young, old, death.
Life mean shadow of Nature,
save life by Nature.
Life mean water of Ocean,
as calm as resentful.
Life mean light of The Sun,
ever dark ever light.
Life mean hope of live,
and complete our dream.

Life mean different kind of relationship,
and attached with relationship for overall life.
Life mean touch of rain,
even rain even  storm even air again rain and in the end get light of Nature.
Life mean dream of success,
complete dream bless of life.
Life mean colour of flowers,
beautiful Nature with attractive aroma.
Life mean white page,
which you written, that is happen.

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