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Wednesday, February 27, 2019



“Do not cut The Green Tree.
They are alive just like us and other creatures. And it is fact that they alive that’s why we are human being and other creatures alive.”

When we are breathing we take Oxygen (O2) and breathe out Carbon Dioxide (CO2). For surviving of human being Oxygen is mandatory air for us. And Oxygen comes from green trees because green tree take Carbon Dioxide (which is harmful for human being), and breathe out Oxygen (this is life line), processes done by leaves of green trees.
Normally trees give us Oxygen in day time but some of tree gives Oxygen also in night like Banyan Tree, Neem Tree and Ficus Religiosa Tree.

Before life of human being trees are in this planet that we called Earth.

Trees give us not only healthful Air for living life their benefits are much more, some are here:

·       Not only in the forest also behind our home, in the road side when person, animal want to rest they and we take rest below shadow of tree.

·       In the sunny time if trees are planted behind road side we can easily walk because shadow of tree.

·       Where is tree there are rain. Trees are most important reason for rain. Trees help to control temperature.

·       Birds make their nest upon tree branches and increasing the family.

·        Some kind of creature spends their maximum time upon tree like Monkey, Panda….

·       The green tree leaves are uses as food by many kind of being.

·       Fruits we get from tree Apple, Orange, Guava, Jackfruit, Berries….

·       Trees save us from Ultra-Violet Rays which is cause for skin cancer.

·       With dry wood we make home, bridge, furniture and dry wood also use as fuel for cooking food.

·       Trees reduce soil erosion. In the hill station and river side area tree reduces soil erosion with help of their roots and branches.

·       With tree branches juice and tree flowers juice we make scent like Sandalwood.

Trees green gold

Trees create economic opportunities for income therefore it is called green gold. We can transport fruits and those items which are made by help of trees fruits and flowers like perfume drink items. Medicine also created with help of tree roots, branches, flowers, and fruits and it help us to earn money. If in the park and garden we planted different type of trees it will be attraction place for tourist. It also help for fresh air and atmosphere.   

Earth’ our planet where all required elements
(Soil, Water, Air, Fire and Sky) are here for beginning of life. And one of them ‘Air’ we get from Green Trees.

Therefore please do not cut Green Trees.


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