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Sunday, July 7, 2019

Parents | Mother-Father


Mother-Father is his own, after all the rest is a dream.

Had not been our breath, even then they were with us. Even before birth, even after birth.

Left food and drink were what they loved. Changed habits without which they were difficult to live without Just for us, just for us. No care of mother of the world who is watching her breast If we had care, we would have to feed our baby.

Do not take it from yourself, you have to hide yourself, but that's why you have to save the child from the worst view of the world.


what should I talk about, I moaned, mother lamented, the father took poison for all the life. Whose head was not ever bowed to the world, even for his children, his knees also broke.

Mother-father is his own after-the rest is a dream.

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