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Sunday, July 7, 2019

Relationship between Human Being

Relationship between Human Being

Palm Tree
Palm Tree

“If we keep this in our mind that one day, I will also die and in this time which relationship with us is not for permanent; too much reduce family and relationship quarrel.”


Family last three letter I, L and Y. That mean 'I Love You'.

“Love, feelings of happiness.”

Family start with two persons. That is called couple. Here beginning of love and it will become a family.

Responsibility, Respect and Love

In relationship respect is most important for happy attached family and relation. And it will come from responsibility.

In couple, husband responsible for his wife requirements of daily life. This is not only physically requirement, it also important for mentally. Cloth and food are important to live life. But not without of love; it is compulsory to fulfill with love. If husband do this, respect automatically come out from the heart of wife.

And wife responsible for her responsibility; not only do her work just like a job. It is completed by her with love emotional thoughts for her husband. Husband must agree with his soul to respect his wife.

“Where respect-responsibility there is love.”

Couple love born a family. (son and daughter) after, birth of children couple not only couple they become parents.

'Family mean parents, husband-wife, children all in one.'

Now time for accept.

In family, parents know that their children may be not with them for all time, reason of their study and job. But they don't accept it. If parents accept it, at least they listen their children speech.

Children know that their parents one day say them, good-bye for forever but children don't accept it; the truth of life. And do argument with their parents.

Brothers know that their sister left them after marriage and will go with her husband to their husband house. If brother understand and accept this truth. They don't do any quarrel with other.

“This is life fact each and every relation. We know but not accept. We must have to accept and remember to reduce relationship quarrel.”

“One day I will also die and a person with me is not for permanent.”

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